Surprising Benefits of Garlic

Benefits of Garlic :

Garlic is use as a cooking tool from the time of immemorial.Garlic is not just to bring the taste nuances,its has reached the top of food value.The context of the principle garlic of maintaining good health as well.It has protein, fat, mineral fiber and carbohydrates.Including also Vitamins and minerals with phosphorus, iron, thiamin, Vitamin C.Its contains small amounts of sulfur,iodine and chlorine.Garlic made ​​craving recession.Garlic protect from Asthma,hearing etc.Garlic does not accumulate Miukas with  lungs, bronchial tubes, sinusitis hole.Garlic is beneficial for chronic diseases such as pneumonia, whooping cough .Garlic easily removed sores, ulcers.It is beneficial for Metabolic disorder of the stomach and worms such dispute.Garlic are useful to control blood pressure and prevent heart attacks and Proper blood circulation, reduce toxins in the body.Garlic is known as a cancer preventative.

Note : Do not buy the soft garlic or garlic when the color became green.Keep it in open containers,Do not put the garlic in the refrigerator,The garlic will be soft.Raw garlic is not healthy.use it for frying or curry paste.

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